Panos Terz, Selected problems of international law, Collected writings

Panos Terz, Selected problems of international law, Collected writings, ·

ISBN: ‎978-6204101729, Saarbrücken 2021

These are primarily theoretical amounts that have already been published in several countries and languages. The focus is on the following topics: the science of international law with its components as new fields of science in statu nascendi (theory of international law, philosophy of international law, sociology of international law and methodology of international law), the stabilizing function of the fundamental principles for positive international law, the theory of norm formation in international law and the main types of norms (legal norms, political norms and moral norms), the codification of the law of international organizations as a process, the ius cogens norms, the relationship between the pacta sunt servanda and the clausula rebus sic stantibus, the pactum de negotiando and the pactum de contrahendo, the international law aspects of the Nordic Council, legal philosophy and legal history issues of the international legal subjectivity of the individual, the current different human rights concepts, and the theory of interest in the coordinate system of philosophy, history, international relations theory and international law.

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