Afghan conception of man and society

Afghan conception of man and society (essential elements)
1) archaic economic, social and thought structures prevail.
2) The typical oriental-Islamic irrationality prevails.
3) a particularly backward form of Islam has developed in Afghanistan.
Islam with an absolute theocentrism (Allah is the center of attention) has
4) unrestricted evil and highly toxic patriarchy as the basis of society and the state. Man is everything, woman is nothing.
5) of course no democracy, no individual and no citoyen, no human rights and no basic freedoms.
6) medieval-like oppression of women. The woman is the
personal property of the man. 7. the “honor” of the man is
8) murderous intolerance mixed with primitive and deadly fanaticism towards other religions.
9) worst of all, the use of brutal violence as a normal means of asserting interests and opinions.
10) only educated Afghans succeed in integrating in the West.
P.S. I had Afghan students for a very long time. They were intelligent and hardworking. Almost all of them were murdered by the Taliban. Berliner Zeitung (29.11.22)

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