Panos Terz, The science of international law

. Panos Terz, The science of international law,

ISBN: 978-620-3-97855-1, Saarbrücken 2021

This monograph is a smaller version of a larger treatise and is the result of forty years of basic research with the aim of increasing knowledge. It is intended to contribute to the further development of the theoretical substance of the science of international law. It is directed against the one-sided legal positivist view and at the same time against the legal nihilist sociologization of international law. The focus is neither on the dogmatics of international law nor on the doctrine of international law, on which there are entire libraries, but on the integral components of the science of international law: international law theory, international law philosophy, international law sociology and international law methodology. A special feature of the book is that specialist literature in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Bulgarian, Arabic and Latin has been evaluated. This was possible because, in addition to polyglotty, the author has trained or academically supervised undergraduate and graduate students from seventy countries.